ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Announces Partnership with Line

Today we are excited to announce the first partnership between a digital marketing platform and mobile messaging platform. ExactTarget Marketing Cloud will create new mobile marketing solutions through a new partnership with LINE, the free call and messaging app, empowering marketers to connect with customers in new ways with mobile messaging.

What is LINE?
LINE is an over-the-top (aka group messaging or instant messaging) messaging application which uses the carrier data network to power person-to-person and brand-to-consumer communications. The communication over LINE has evolved from simple messages to include stickers, photos, location data, and video. 

Why are marketers interested in LINE?
LINE’s global registered users recently hit the 450 million mark, and mobile messaging services have added more than one billion users in five years. These platforms are becoming a crucial new channel for marketers to engage with customers on mobile devices, however, many marketers do not have the resources to directly integrate with mobile messaging platforms and send targeted, optimized messages to specific customers.

For the first time, marketers will now have an opportunity to directly engage with customers by delivering and automating personalized and relevant content via capabilities built on the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud platform. Similar to short message services (SMS), brands can interact with customers who have “followed” or opted in to receive communication from the brand.

Brands can drive engagement through group messaging by sharing exclusive content such as offers, coupons, or behind the scenes images and videos. Personalized responses are sent using data directly managed by ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, or data from the brand’s database. With the customer’s permission, marketers can also link LINE accounts with the customer’s profile in the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, providing a 360 degree view of the customer that now includes engagement and conversion data from mobile messaging platforms. Applications like LINE have become the engagement platform for games, e-commerce, and customer service.

Learn more about how marketers are beginning to use mobile messaging platforms as a part of their mobile marketing strategy. You can also visit our website to learn more about all of ExactTarget Marketing Cloud’s mobile marketing solutions.
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