Salesforce for Marketers: Advertising Index Q2 2016 Report

Salesforce for Marketers: Advertising Index Q2 2016 Report

Advertising on social media calls for agility and up-to-date knowledge of trends. Salesforce Research seeks to keep advertisers informed on the latest in global ad benchmarks for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With the Advertising Index Q2 2016 Report, keep your team’s advertising strategies focused and agile. Key findings include:

  • Global Facebook CPM grew 65% year over year.
  • In the e-commerce industry, Germany has the highest Facebook CTR at 1.63%, followed by the United States at 1.54%.
  • The global Instagram CPM was $6.30, growing 43% quarter over quarter.
  • Twitter CPM fell 18% year over year.
  • The global LinkedIn CPM for Q2 2016 was $29.43.

Check the current advertising climate to spend wisely and make a bigger impression on digital advertising.



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