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Publish & Engage with Social Studio

Salesforce Marketing Cloud's Social Studio brings you closer to your social customer by unifying engagement and publishing into a single easy-to-use tool. Streamline the entire social content process with visual planning, collaboration across teams, easy access via web or mobile and performance analytics for real-time campaign decisions.


Collaborate at Global Scale

Workspaces let you organise teams quickly and easily around campaigns, events and regions on the right social accounts. One solution gives you flexible content collaboration, creation and social publishing. Simple setup means your teams can move nimbly at the speed of social, focusing on results instead of training.


Plan Content in Advance

With the content calendar, you can coordinate cross-team planning and execution, with the ability to draft, schedule, review and approve all posts in each workspace. Easily access stock photos, trending social content, and more from within the application. Immediately see performance of published posts with real-time visibility. Social Studio brings you closer to your social customer while amplifying your brand and campaign messages across global social channels.


Ensure Brand Integrity

Coordinate your content marketing across multiple social networks, projecting a consistent brand voice. Protect your brand integrity by defining custom approval processes, ensuring trusted partners in your organisation have the right controls.


Stay Close to Your Customers

An integrated social content solution lets you publish engaging content and participate in the conversation to drive advocacy and reach. With Social Studio, your team can move at the speed of social, managing workflows and saving time with shortcuts and bulk actions—all while bringing you closer to your social customers.


Track ROI

Intelligent one-click reporting gives you real-time performance on clicks, sign-ups, conversions and more. Target your best-performing content to the most responsive audience to ensure the highest return on your social investment. Drill into any metric you monitor and export data for custom reports, tying results back to your marketing ROI.


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