20 Social Media Tips to Use During SXSW

If you're attending SXSW in a few weeks, there are a number of ways in which you can use social media to maximize your time. So here are 20 social media tips to use when attending SXSW.

While You're There
1. Begin with an announcement that you're in Austin via a Foursquare of Facebook check in or just say hello on your social channels.

2.  Search for #sxsw conversations to find others that have just arrived and extend your ‘digital hand’ first, and welcome them.

3. As you make new connections in Austin, add them to your Twitter list for easy reference later.

4.  Add notes to your list of new connections to keep track of interesting personal bits of information. This will be useful in personalizing your follow-up conversation.

5. Share quotes and Retweets during sessions but add your own insights or spin to make it unique and shareable. Include the speaker's Twitter handle.

6. Save your hashtag streams in Storify to act as living notes from a session.

7. Attend a Tweetup.

8. Never eat lunch alone. Be ready to exchange details and information with the stranger enjoying a sandwich next to you. He/she could be your next customer!

9. Some of the best networking occurs after-hours, so make sure you drink plenty of coffee to stay up for the happy hours and parties that last well into the night.

10. Wear your SXSW badge to parties that requite it - this can double as a great way to start conversation with a prospect or customer.

11. Live blog with succinct content including photos of the speaker, embedded Tweets and your two cents.

12. Share the link to your quick post across multiple social channels for maximum exposure.

13. Create a YouTube interview of the people you meet.

14. Take Instagram or Flickr pictures and use the #sxsw hashtag. The river and the Capitol building are both great spots to use as backdrops.

15. Wherever you create content, check back frequently to see and engage with responses, commentary, and ongoing conversation around what you created.

16. Share comments on LinkedIn via status updates. More often, people are using LinkedIn for watching status updates and relevant links.

17. If you’re speaking at SXSW, share your LinkedIn URL, email address and Twitter address and encourage audience members to connect.

18. When speaking, check your Twitter handle and the hashtag for comments on your session and thank them for the feedback to show you appreciate your audience.

19. Save time by using tools like Cardmunch to instantly integrate business cards with LinkedIn.

20. Tweet a quick pic of yourself or wear something easily recognizable and describe who you are.
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