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25 Tips for Incorporating Visual Platforms into Social Marketing

Social media strategies are constantly evolving in marketing teams across all industries. When it comes to B2B social media marketing, there are a number of changes that are driving the evolution of such strategies, including increased mobility worldwide, the proliferation of social media, adoption of multi-screen connection, and the intersection of B2B and B2C marketing.

All these changes point to an increaseed focus on rich visual media. There are numerous ways that B2B marketers can incorporate visual platforms into their marketing initiatives. Here are ideas for using several popular visual social media platforms:


  1. Companies are creating multiple channels to target audiences by geography, topic, or service.
  2. Google Hangouts allow you to live-stream video to large audiences.
  3. Videos are increasingly being viewed on mobile devices.
  4. Keep it short. The sweet spot for B2B videos is about 45-90 seconds depending on the topic.
  5. There's a time and place for high production videos, but there's an increasing time and place for casual videos.
  6. Many of the biggest viral video hits were seeded with paid advertising at first, so don't be afraid to put a little money into your video to gain some traction
  7. Humor, transparency, and an emotional connection by showing flaws works well for B2B businesses.
  8. When using case studies, make your customers heroes!
  9. Use landing pages to generate leads in exchange for video content.


  1. Pinterest demographics are changing, and the platform is growing rapidly.
  2. It's a very good content distribution channel. Pinterest is great for SEO because it creates inbound links and drives engagement.
  3. You don't have to create any original content -- think of it as a visual curation platform.
  4. Infographics, videos, and ebooks/whitepapers with great visual covers work well on Pinterest.
  5. Some ideas: "ask an expert" videos, community involvement, relevant vertical information.


  1. Give behind-the-scenes access with unique content.
  2. Provide a personal look at the people in your company.
  3. Image posts get 20x more engagement than video posts.
  4. Even images that are snapshots of videos do better than videos themselves.


  1. LinkedIn has made huge changes in its visual elements -- images continue to become bigger.
  2. You want interaction, as there's a potential for your content to reach LinkedIn Today (and thus see widespread exposure).
  3. If you post to LinkedIn and auto-post to your Twitter account, all retweets count toward LinkedIn interaction (increasing your chance of reaching LinkedIn Today).
  4. From your own websites, drive followers to your LinkedIn company page. Think of LinkedIn as a publishing platform.


  1. Slideshare is incredibly useful in the eyes of search engines. Content will rank more highly on Slideshare than on your own website.
  2. There are six major tags used on Slideshare: statistics, social media, market, trends, research, and business. Slideshare is not a place people go for cat videos.
  3. Slideshare allows you to add audio and HD video to your presentations; it's not just about visual slides.
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