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3 Marketing Principles for the Customer Company

The marketing industry is undergoing the biggest transformation it’s seen in 60 years—and it’s being driven by the social revolution. Today’s leading brands are looking to completely transform their traditional marketing strategies given the unprecedented growth of social networks.

Once you have a solid understanding of your customers, how do you market to them when they’re always active and connected? Here are a few quick ideas.

Marketing customer company1. Actively listen in every channel
Your brand is created by a collection of conversations. Understand where your customer learns and engages in discussions about your brand. Look at social media sites as well as blogs and forums to hear what they say, see what they want, and determine how to reflect that in your marketing campaigns. This will help you recognize who is interested in your space and identify influencers who can echo your message.

2. Create campaigns where your customers spend their time
Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter give an opportunity to target your message to the right people and be very efficient with your campaign dollars. Segment your ad campaigns based on interest, needs, demographics, and geography to make it more personal and meaningful.

3. Don’t just broadcast - engage
Social media provides a unique opportunity to color outside the lines of normal corporate speak and create a more personal experience. Focus on engagement, provide meaningful ideas and content, and deliver your messages in a very human way. Create engaging and interactive social apps to build interest and keep customers and prospects coming back.

To learn more about marketing and the customer company, check out our video:

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