3 Social Media Interviews You Must Watch Today

We know you're busy. And sometimes, plugging in a pair of headphones and watching a video is tantamount to going to walking three miles to a local movie theater. But we would never waste your time, would we? That's why, when we say these are three social media interviews that you must watch today, we truly mean it.

Below, see interviews from:

Diners Club Iinterview with Brian Carter

  • One of our favorite authors who recently joined Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud for a webinar discusses trends for the future of social media, such as content marketing. 
  • Brian also touches on the idea of selling the dream, which involves using social media to sell the dream that you are helping your customers achieve, instead of spending lots of time discussing specific product features.

Brian Solis and Shaquille O'Neal

  • In what can be described as one of the funnier interviews out there (not to mention one of the biggest discrepancies in size between interviewer and interviewee), Brian Solis has a great conversation with Shaq about the ways in which he has sidestepped traditional media both during and after his career and taken to social media to make major life announcements.
  • See Shaq's retirement announcement on Tout, which he explains during the interview.

Nick Tran of Taco Bell on Taco Bell's social media strategy

  • This interview with Nick Tran delves into how Taco Bell actively engages its community on Twitter and embraces video content creation, both as a brand and from its customers.
  • Nick also discusses how Taco Bell deals with people who had a bad experience at the restaurant, both warranted and unwarranted.

Bonus video: Watch the first Tweet sent by former President Bill Clinton with Stephen Colbert

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