3 Ways to Enhance Your Mobile Website Experience

Your mobile strategy can enhance customers’ experiences with your brand in a personal and helpful way on the single device they keep nearby constantly. Make it easy for them to interact with your website on every mobile channel, and they’ll reward you by being among your most engaged, easiest-to-reach audience members.

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when planning your mobile website experience:

  • Give mobile users an elegant, easy-to-use experience. In the words of Brad Frost, a responsive web leader and publisher, “Don’t penalize users for visiting your site on smaller devices.” Don’t only optimize your primary website for mobile; include landing pages and transaction pages, as well.
  • Choose text wisely. Lengthy sections of text can be hard to read on mobile devices, so place them on several pages to limit the scrolling. Edit your content and keep only what’s high priority; a one-column layout for text can make the mobile reading experience much more enjoyable (and increase site time and total page visits).
  • Remember the retina display. Retina displays are becoming standard for mobile devices, so mind your pixels. Don’t skimp on resolution, or visitors might skip your site.

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