35 Ideas to Create Successful Twitter Ad Campaigns

If you're looking to create great ad campaigns that encourage action, broaden reach and leverage your connections, take a look at Twitter. Our ebook, The Guide to Successful Twitter Campaigns, provides a well-rounded approach to social media strategy specific to Twitter campaigns, including social media listening, engagement, measurement, analysis and scalability.

From this ebook, here are 35 ideas to create a successful Twitter ad campaign starting today.

  1. Entice your audience to do two things: take action and pass on your message

  2. Create and share compelling content to achieve your ad campaign goals

  3. Use social media listening to understand how your brand is perceived before launch

  4. Speak in the language of your audience within your campaigns

  5. Monitor the keywords of competitors to uncover their marketing efforts

  6. Build your Twitter campaign on a foundation of attentive listening

  7. Have someone take ownership of your Twitter ad process to be effective and efficient

  8. Advertise on Twitter in multiple ways: Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and Promoted Trends

  9. Select your most engaging Tweets (that are already live) for Promoted Tweets

  10. Set up a daily budget and optimize as needed for Promoted Accounts, as it is a cost per new follower

  11. Select a Tweet most relevant to the trending conversation for Promoted Trends

  12. Use geo-targeting to select where your audience is located and only advertise there

  13. Enhance geo-targeting to target by country or metropolitan area

  14. Use Google Analytics to determine top countries for your audience

  15. Automate your campaign to strategically determine how you'll purchase your Twitter ads

  16. Determine how much control to give to an automation system if automating your campaign

  17. Set a budget to devote to your automated ad purchasing

  18. Determine your engagement threshold level for purchasing social ads automatically

  19. Set up who receives alerts when an automation level is triggered

  20. Ensure you know the type of ads that can be purchased automatically, versus manual purchasing

  21. Engage with your community around your Twitter ads

  22. Jump in and say hello as your campaign is running to elicit responses

  23. Thank those giving positive feedback for your campaign, and return the favor by sharing their content

  24. Respond quickly to negative commentary as social media users have come to expect a rapid response

  25. Stay focused and learn from negative comments

  26. Remember there is no standard way to engage

  27. Defined your social media campaign goals to determine the right type of engagement

  28. Use social ad reporting and measurement to keep your ad campaign on budget and on track

  29. Create a list of the metrics to measure such as click-through rate, reach, cost per Retweet, and Share of Voice

  30. Determine the tools you’ll use to gather this data

  31. Create targeted landing pages

  32. Include a strong call-to-action to generate purchases or leads

  33. Create analytics reports weekly that visually show goals vs. results

  34. Make public-facing versions of your results in the form of case studies

  35. Share your learnings to serve as helpful and motivational content internally and externally

Ready to create your Twitter ad campaign? Have other ideas to share? Let us know in the comments below! Tour.png
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