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4 TED Talks Every Digital Marketer Should Watch

Looking for some inspiration in your workday? TED Talks are a great place to turn, especially if you’re a digital marketer. Here’s four of my favorites. 

1. Derek Sivers - How to Start a Movement
Chances are you’ve been tasked with getting users to take some kind of action online. The action can range from driving traffic to your company’s website, to completing a form, to subscribing to a blog, or getting someone to make a purchase. Whatever the action may be, you are attempting to influence someone’s decision. That’s why this talk is important. In just three minutes, Derek Sivers shows us how to start a movement. This simple but moving idea is something that all marketers should take into account to get their audience to take action.

2. Amy Cuddy - Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are
Do you need to “make a case” for a digital marketing initiative? Have you tried to prove that your company should be utilizing more social media resources? Have you had to convince your manager of the benefits of building an online community? Your body language has a lot to do with how you’re coming across in these types of meetings. If you want to feel more confident the next time you’re in a situation like this, try one of the power poses shown in this talk. Walk into that meeting feeling more sure of yourself than ever, and get the approval for that pet project you’ve been wanting to launch.

3. Matt Cutts - Try Something New For 30 Days
You’ve been wanting to learn how to code because it will help you in your job. Or perhaps you’re interested in learning some basic graphic design. Maybe you want to become a better writer. Whatever the skill, there’s probably something related to digital marketing that you’ve been eager to learn more about. Why not take lessons or try it out for 30 days? Go ahead, take a chance. Matt Cutts did. Digital marketers can learn from him. What will you try?

4. Simon Sinek - How Great Leaders Inspire Action
Simon Sinek encourages us to ask “why.” When someone in your company says, “We HAVE to have a Facebook page for our department,” ask that person WHY it’s important. Then, when they give you their response, ask why again. By asking why, you’ll get to the core of what they want to accomplish and their purpose. Inspired organizations and leaders ask “why,” and you should, too.

What’s your favorite TED Talk and why? Post your response in the comments below.



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