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6 Revelations for Your Inbound Marketing Plan

We live in a time in which marketing can be found virtually everywhere. Wherever we look, there are ads that could very well be targeted at us based on our interests and preferences. There’s no question that advertising is extremely effective when conducted properly. Our very own Peter Goodman pointed out that, according to a BIA/Kelsey prediction,  $11 billion will be spent on social advertising in the United States alone by 2017. This seems logical considering the vast reach of this type of advertising, combined with its exceptional targeting capabilities.

But what do consumers think about this tactic, especially when some marketers rely too heavily on it? Today’s marketing requires much more than just one good tactic. In fact, today’s marketing must also have a strong focus on nurturing direct relationships with customers, prospects and fans. As with almost anything, success requires a very particular type balance – one that enchants an audience.

Yesterday, I co-hosted our latest #mcloudLIVE Twitterchat with Trish Forant and Melanie Thompson, during which we led a discussion on inbound marketing and social media. After another fantastic discussion with our community, here are 5 marketing revelations that will help you enchant your audience.

1. You really need clearly defined goals
Parting from a very specific goal, a solid strategy needs to be agile, especially when combining inbound and outbound tactics, or even full departments within an organization. Changes must be able to happen in real time, because that’s precisely the timeframe your customers expect for you to take proper actions. And as strange as it may seem, not everyone has a clear understanding of what their objectives are.

2. When executing tactics, think “how” and “why”
For example, take social media is the “what,” inbound and outbound marketing as the “how” and the desired goals as the “why.” Social media is something that can simultaneously form part of both inbound and outbound marketing strategies. If you think of social media as a tool, then it’s certainly very powerful in the sense that it can spread content to the masses, while also building and nurturing direct relationships with brand advocates.


3. The secret lies in balance
Inbound marketing lives in the intersection of content, search and social. Think about listening to others to respond with something that matters to your audience, and earn the opportunity for strangers to learn more about your business. A key value of having inbound marketing is the ability to turn strangers into your new promoters. A healthy and synchronized combination of inbound and outbound marketing can bring evident success to your business.





4. Content is king, but not just yours
Thought-provoking insights, tips or guides that empower others to become excellent at what they do, is invaluable. Content can support and even illustrate your company’s values and why anyone should bother to do business with you. Now, not many people like others who simply talk and don’t ever listen, or don’t spread other people’s ideas. Share content that belongs to others to grow your network and increase trust.



5. Inbound matters, & it rocks! (entirely crowd-sourced)







6. Inbound marketing is scrappy, and that’s good
Being scrappy can show determination, effort, resourcefulness, creativity, adaptability, and most importantly, results. Scrappy tactics get noticed, and though they might not have the same reach of a social ad, they have the potential to connect and engage in two-way conversation with strangers, prospects, or promoters. This opens up the opportunity to deliver a better story about your business, but also to learn more about your community and audience. In short, inbound marketing can help you build stronger, more profitable relationships with the right people, in the right networks.

To learn more about inbound Marketing, make sure you sign up for our webinar with HubSpot on Thursday, July 25th, where Mike Volpe (CMO, HubSpot) and our very own David B. Thomas (Sr. Director, Content & Engagement) will discuss “Secrets of Successful Inbound Marketing: How to Prove Your ROI.”
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