Sep 27, 2012
By Zoe Geddes-Soltess
Email Marketing

Similar to Nike’s #RiseAbove campaign during the London Olympics, Adidas is relying on YouTube, Twitter, and other social media channels for its latest campaign.

#TheReturn follows MVP NBA athlete Derrick Rose’s rehabilitation from a knee injury he suffered during last year’s playoffs. Through a series of documentary-style videos released on the Adidas basketball YouTube channel (Rose is an executive producer of the series), Adidas depicts the struggles and triumphs of Rose’s recovery, keeping him front and center in the minds of fans.

With the third video in the series released last week and Rose’s latest commercial for Adidas coming out yesterday, let’s take a look at the social media conversation the campaign has generated so far.

How is the Conversation Trending?
Looking at a trend line of mentions over the past 30 days, as of yesterday, there were over 45,000 mentions of #TheReturn and several spikes in conversation around the hashtag.

The first significant increase on September 5 was driven almost entirely by retweets of the below tweet from Derrick Rose.




Peaks on September 10 and 13 were the result of another popular tweet from Rose and excitement around the release of his new shoe for Adidas, respectively.



The videos themselves have also been generating a large conversation volume. Drilling into the spike on September 7, the day the second episode was released, we can see the video drove over 2,500 mentions out of almost 3,700 total mentions around #TheReturn.



The third episode in the series was released on September 19, causing another increase in mentions and generating over 2,600 conversations.



Drilling into the most recent spike on Tuesday, almost 3,500 of 5,000 total mentions were fueled by the debut of Rose’s new commercial for Adidas.



Where are People Talking?
While the majority of #The Return mentions are on Twitter, the hashtag is also getting some coverage on Facebook, making up just over 5% of posts over the past 30 days.

Who's Talking?
Using Marketing Cloud insights, we can see that the 25-34 demographic was responsible for the most conversations, followed by the 21-24 and 35-44 age groups.

Breaking the conversation out by gender, men dominated, contributing two-thirds of mentions.

Who's Influencing the Conversation?
Looking at the most retweeted usernames around the Adidas campaign, Rose is the clear leader. His handle received almost 11,000 more retweets than Adidas’ basketball twitter handle, which had the second-highest number of retweets for the same period. The Chicago Bulls' official twitter account was third, with 2,100 retweets.

Breaking it down by most mentioned usernames paints a similar picture.


Analysis Takeaways
Based on the most retweeted/mentioned usernames and the conversation trends around #TheReturn, we can see that Rose is both the subject of and a driving force behind the Adidas campaign. By effectively promoting the hashtag and videos on his social media channels, Rose has put campaign and Adidas front and center with his 282,000+ Twitter followers and over 6 million Facebook fans, helping to make #TheReturn a success.

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