Advertising Insights: Facebook DAUs, Search on Phones, Second-Screening

This week, we look at how Facebook’s users visit the platform daily, the growth in search advertising on smartphones, and second-screening during major TV moments.

During Facebook’s last earnings report, the platform continued to show very healthy user growth -- with 1.2 billion daily active users worldwide, including 180 million in the United States and Canada, 262 million in Europe, and 396 million in Asia-Pacific, all up from the prior quarter and year. Of course, many platforms only report on the number of users they have as monthly, not daily, active users. For Facebook, the percentage of overall (monthly) users who come back to the platform daily and the percentage of mobile users who do so have converged at 66% -- so two thirds of 1.8 billion people worldwide come to Facebook every day.

Much like all digital behavior, including Facebook activity, search advertising spend is increasingly becoming focused on the phone. According to IgnitionOne, more and more ads are being shown to people searching on their phones; impressions on phones are up 89% year-over-year and spend is up 69%. However, the clickthrough rate (CTR) is actually down, indicating that advertisers must focus on relevance. It’s important to distinguish tablet and smartphone behavior, instead of combining them into a single “mobile” bucket; spend and impression volume are both down for tablets.

The 2017 NFL Super Bowl may be over, but it's always important to think about aligning your TV and digital campaigns, no matter what the occasion. For that reason, AdAge surveyed people about their media consumption related to the Super Bowl and found that 49% of people said that they would second-screen with Facebook, followed by Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, and YouTube. In response to the research, Chris Mellow, director of digital and engagement at agency Grupo Gallegos, remarked that “It’s not a matter of Snapchat versus Facebook or YouTube versus Twitter as much as it is about Snapchat and Facebook and YouTube and Twitter being the primary places where people are sharing, engaging and communally experiencing the events unfolding in front of them on their other screen—the TV.” He’s right -- advertisers can’t think of “digital advertising” in a silo, but must align it to all of their other channels, including TV but also email campaigns as well.  

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