Feb 01, 2017
By Robert Begg
Social Media Marketing

Whether you're a fan of the game, the ads, or both, you can't beat the Super Bowl for creating social media conversation and buzz. The week leading up to the big game is one of the busiest in social media all year, and an important one for marketers. With more and more marketers "leaking" their ad spots before Sunday, the battle for consumers mind share starts way before kick off.

With over 800,000 social conversations related to the big game in the last seven days, the buzz has already started. And we've also seen a few early breakout ads. Proctor & Gamble's Mr. Clean campaign is currently dominating social conversations around Super Bowl ads, with 60% of the ad related social conversation. We also have a new entrant in the list with the Coen brother's Mercedes Benz spot cracking the top 10 most talked about ads at number seven.

Want to follow along? Today, Salesforce Marketing Cloud launched the Big Game Social Tracker - our real-time command center displaying the top conversations, topics, hashtags and more around the game. Using this tracker, you can follow along to:

  • Understand what brands and products are leading the Super Bowl conversations
  • Analyze which campaign strategies are resonating best
  • Pinpoint regional differences in Super Bowl conversations
  • Watch trends evolve leading up to, during and after the big game

The data is from Salesforce Social Studio, part of the Marketing Cloud, which analyzes hundreds of millions of data sources from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, news sites and more. The data breaks out:

  • Number of conversations about the game and advertisements
  • Most mentioned terms and hashtags associated with the Super Bowl
  • Top brands and volume of mentions
  • Social sentiment of the game and advertisements
  • Conversations by region
  • Conversations by gender

Who will win the Super Bowl marketing war? Only time will tell, but we'll be following along in real time and hope you can join us.

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