Apr 21, 2017
By Jim Eup
Digital Marketing

All the marketing executives I talk to are focused on connecting with their customers as individuals. They know that if they don’t, someone else will — and their customers will be gone forever. It may play out differently in various industries, but the theme is the same: Create personalized, easy experiences that customers love. In the insurance industry, innovative marketing leaders are winning with strategies that deliver better experiences not only for policyholders, but for their agents as well.



For a recent webinar (http://sfdc.co/webinar-effortless-policyholder-experience) I spoke with Brad Rutta, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation at Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP), about how insurance marketers and customer experience professionals can create effortless experiences for their policyholders and agents.


If you’ve never heard of BHTP, the company is a great example of disruptive innovation in an old business category: travel insurance. Until BHTP came along, travel protection insurance was a sleepy, slow growth market with low customer-satisfaction metrics across the industry. Think about it: Travelers get sick, luggage gets lost, hurricanes ruin family vacations. That’s when people get to interact with their travel protection insurer, and they don’t want to jump through hoops and fill out forms — they just want to get paid.


BHTP saw the opportunity to streamline travel insurance and bring the market up to speed with the way people travel today. The company is simplifying products and advancing technology to appeal to more travelers. In the process, it’s growing the market and revenue for the brand’s partners. BHTP is disrupting the customer experience for travelers and reinventing travel insurance for everyone. Watch the webinar to learn how BHTP partners with Salesforce and uses Marketing Cloud to create 1-to-1 journeys, power agent onboarding, process policyholder claims, and more.



Don’t have time to check out the webinar right now? Download the new e-book: “5 Insurance Imperatives: CMO Strategies for Effortless Policyholder and Agent Experiences.”



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