Sep 12, 2013
By Amanda Nelson
Digital Marketing, Content Marketing

Screen shot 2013-09-12 at 2.22.07 PM Content Marketing World was not only an orange-colored, content-rich conference of sessions, speakers, keynotes and live rock music, but it was a place to curate and be inspired by empowering quotes from content marketing experts. I captured a bunch in my notebook, iphone and via Twitter. Here are the best of the best.

1. Content is the reason search began in the first place. ~ Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing

2. You must market your marketing. ~ Jay BaerConvince and Convert

3. Make the prospect a more informed buyer with content. ~ Robert Simon, Four Seasons Hotels

4. Ask yourself, what simple twist on a familiar theme will entrap your audience? ~ Drew Davis, Brandscaping

5. Content isn't King, it's the Kingdom. ~ Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing

6. Content is anything that adds value to the reader's life. ~ Avinash Kaushik, Google

7. Your goal should be to own quality time in your customer's inbox. ~ Drew Davis, Brandscaping

8. Your top of the funnel content must be intellectually divorced from your product but emotionally wed to it. ~ Joe ChernovKinvey

9. Content marketing is all about telling a compelling story. ~ Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute

10. The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing.  ~ Tom FishburneMarketoonist

11. Useful X Enjoyable X Inspired = Innovative Content ~ Ann HandleyMarketingProfs

12. Attract. Engage. Convert. ~ Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing

13. Treat your content like a product. ~ Drew Davis, Brandscaping

14. Stop thinking about flat websites and get your content out of the domain. ~ Robert Simon, Four Seasons Hotels

15. Create content that satisfies your uber goals and desires. ~ Tom Webster, Edison Research

16. Content: there is no easy button. ~ Scott Abel, Content Strategist

17. Marketers need to adapt a "members first" approach to content. David Hahn, LinkedIn

18. Publish everywhere. ~ Robert Simon, Four Seasons Hotels

19. Branded content is created for a company. A content brand is created for a valuable company. ~ Drew Davis, Brandscaping

20. The key ingredient to better content is separating the single from the stream. David Hahn, LinkedIn

21. Be the best answer. ~ Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing

22. Create content that reaches your audience's audience. Ann HandleyMarketingProfs

23. Good content is not storytelling. It's telling your story well. Ann HandleyMarketingProfs

24. Content should ask people to do something and reward them for it. ~ Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing

25. Good content is the stuff of love affairs. ~ Tom Webster, Edison Research

26. You can't be everything to everyone but you can be something to someone. ~ Drew Davis, Brandscaping

27. Adapt to your customer's needs. They expect it. ~ Scott Abel, Content Strategist

28. The mantra should change from "Always Be Closing" to "Always He Helping." David Hahn, LinkedIn

29.This is the bar your content has to clear on social: "Are you more interesting to me than my wife?"  ~ Jay BaerConvince and Convert

30. The future of content marketing is in your hands. David Hahn, LinkedIn

Drawing by Kelly Kingman



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