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The Simple 2-Step Formula To Achieving Content Marketing Success

Between my mother's house and my own is a snow cone stand. As father of 4- and 7-year old children with a sweet tooth, I am a prime prospect for this business.

But for months I drove past the little stand and didn't stop. Dozens of times I passed the snow cone stand, kids in tow, with the same question:

"I wonder if they take debit cards?"

Naturally, as a father of the aforementioned two children, I never seem to have cash. As a result, I only shop where I can use a debit card. The result? No sale for the snow cone stand.

Until yesterday. Yesterday, the snow cone stand applied a simple formula that content marketing professionals have understood for decades.

1. Deliver the right message
As I drove my usual route to my mother's house the kids, once again, pointed longingly to the snow cone stand. I glanced over and realized something had changed. They had answered my question with content.


That was the message I needed. It overcame the one objection I had to stopping and enjoying a snow cone with the kids. The result? Two sticky kids for me and $8 in sales for the snow cone stand. Everybody wins except Daddy, but I digress.

2. Deliver at the right time
You want to reach your prospect with the right message (content) at precisely the time they want it. This is tough to do with traditional advertising mediums like television, radio or print. But digital marketing is different.

Search engines and social media sites handle billions of queries each day. Queries like:

  • Where can I buy window treatments for my historic home?
  • How can I get more customer reviews for my restaurant?
  • How do I learn to safely ride a motorcycle?

Each of the above queries represent an unresolved objection to moving forward with a purchase. If you sell window treatments, software that streamlines the customer review process or motorcycles these are good questions to resolve through the content on your website. But creating content is only part of the process of delivering at the right time.

Applying best practices of search engine optimization (SEO) will surface your content at the time your prospect wants it. Sunshine Drapery sells furniture, shutters, and window treatments in my home town. They understand that building content that solves a prospects problem and delivering it when they want it pays dividends.


Because writing a piece of content is something that can be done fairly quickly, it is economically feasible to target niche problems like Sunshine Drapery has tackled in this post. How long would it take you to write an article that solves a prospect's problem?

Social media channels are filled with people talking about issues your content can solve. Set up the tools and processes to listen to the social web and participate in these conversations. If your content is good and truly solves their problem, your voice will be welcome in the conversation.

If you sell motorcycles, this tweet might be of interest to you,


What's holding your prospects up? Figure it out and create the content they need to move forward. Then, deliver that content to them at the exact moment they want it.

The result? You'll sell a lot more snow cones. Tour.png
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