Customer Journeys

Own Your Customer Experience Beyond Marketing

The customer experience is the sum of every interaction people have with your brand — and that experience could be your next competitive differentiator. Positive, consistent experiences lead to more satisfied customers — customers who spend more money, are more willing to recommend, and are less likely to churn.

Your customers are interacting with you in more ways than ever before and their expectations have never been higher. Customers expect you to know who they are, where they are located, what their history is — and to recognize them in any channel.

We know it’s a challenge. But all of the data you need to meet customer expectations lives in one place — the Customer Success Platform. Harnessing this data and using it to influence the customer relationship has never been easier with Marketing Cloud Connect.

Syncing Data across the World’s #1 CRM Solution

Marketing Cloud Connect solves the number one challenge for markers — data synchronization. It gives instant access to all of your vital customer data from across the Customer Success Platform. Data is directly available inside Marketing Cloud to create a more complete single view of your customer and to make CRM data actionable across marketing channels. Imagine being able to act on any data from the entire Customer Success Platform, instantly and automatically.

Simply point and click to access data from any standard and custom object. No need for technical assistance. No need to export, import, and map fields. With a direct connection to Salesforce, you can stream data into Marketing Cloud, and it’s continuously refreshed. Now marketers can take action using your most current customer information, and create extremely relevant messages for each and every customer.

See how data synchronization works.

Create 1-to-1 Journeys across Every Touchpoint with Your Brand

Marketing Cloud Connect paired with Journey Builder helps you listen to cues across the entire lifecycle and connect all those interactions across marketing, sales, and service so you can provide a holistic, unified customer experience for every customer.

Then you can automate every interaction to engage — and reengage — using data-driven personalized messages. And with that direct connection to the platform, you can update Salesforce campaigns, create follow-up tasks, or even open a service case, all based on how each individual customer is interacting — or not interacting — within a journey. Increase brand loyalty and boost customer engagement by creating seamless experiences for each customer, across every touchpoint with your brand.

See how to create journeys across marketing, sales, and service.

With Marketing Cloud Connect, your Marketing Cloud instance is connected across the Customer Success Platform. With this seamless connection, you have instant access to all of that valuable customer data collected throughout your organization to deliver more relevant, consistent experiences every step of the way — the kind that create relationships, drive sales, increase brand loyalty, and build lifetime customer value.