#DancePonyDance Offers a Lesson in Social Media Ad Campaigns


A dancing pony has taken over the Internet, leaving several versions of the ever-popular Harlem Shake video in its dust. If you have seen the video yet, check it out here. Wieden + Kennedy are the masterminds behind the video, as it was created for their client ThreeUK. Many know Wieden + Kennedy as the creative agency who also created the Old Spice Man, Nike  “Hockey is Ours,” and the recent Oreo cookie vs. cream ads. These clever folks certainly get what works, but they also work with partners to enable the content to spread.  A dancing pony doesn’t get well over 2 million hits on YouTube in a week without some help!

How did this little pony make a big splash? Wieden+ Kennedy executed a few social strategies to make sure the video was a success:

1. They added the #DancePonyDance hashtag at the end of the video, helping ensure one consistent hash-tag was used by people sharing the video, instead of having multiple hash-tags pop up on Twitter. When posting about the video, they embedded the it right into the tweet, making sharing so much easier.

2. The paid social team at Mindshare UK used the Salesforce Marketing Cloud social ads platform to buy promoted tweets for #DancePonyDance so anyone who clicked on the hashtag would see the brand at the top of their timeline. The paid social team also purchased social ads on Facebook. As a result of earned engagement combined with powerful paid amplification To date  #DancePonyDance has 31,360,960 impressions on Facebook and 4,350,968 impressions on Twitter.

We spoke with Colin Schabort, Head of Biddable Social, Mindshare, who worked on the campaign. Here is what he had to say:

Without a doubt, social media has revolutionized the way we think, build brands, and share information. This latest campaign from Three Mobile has the key ingredients for a textbook social strategy. Amplifying the initial engagement through Facebook and Twitter was a key part of the campaign’s social strategy, and Mindshare used Salesforce Marketing Cloud across both Facebook and Twitter. We have been delighted with the results, and the fact that Marketing Cloud is now integrated with Twitter’s ads API is extremely powerful.  Salesforce Marketing Cloud has absolutely been the correct tool to use on this campaign due to the high level of granular optimization and targeting we have been able to do at scale for the first time.

We’re excited to share with you this example of how our social ads platform helps brands expand the reach of their social content and engagement by turning content like #DancePonyDance into powerful social ads.  Because Marketing Cloud works closely with Twitter and Facebook – we are a Facebook Strategy Preferred Marketing Developer, a member of the Twitter ads API beta program and have Twitter Certified Products for engagement and analytics -- we can leverage these powerful new ads capabilities alongside our leading social listening, content and engagement capabilities. In the meantime, we’re happy to help that pony keep on dancing!







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