Driving Performance through Personalization

At the end of the day, creating an optimal experience for a customer is determined by the ability to deliver personalized communications. Rounding out the Connections 2013 Strategy & Optimization track was a session entitled "Driving Performance through Personalization." Eric Tobias–the Vice President of Web Products at ExactTarget and founder of iGoDigitial–kicked off the session with an interesting statement saying that in the digital world, marketers have to get to know their customers based on clicks.

Personalization can be achieved using four main building blocks:

  • Collection and identification of data
  • Data aggregation
  • Taking action on the data
  • Providing continuity to the customer by nurturing the 1-1 relationship

The primary goal, of course, is to deliver the right experience at the right time using the right channel. Eric provided the following tips to help all marketers get more personal:

  1. Let data be your guide–no more guesswork!
  2. Inject personalized content into transactional messages. Transactional messages are a key component to creating a relationship with your customers–don’t overlook them. Surprisingly, in a study of the top retailers, 79% had no email personalization after an online purchase.
  3. Capture user behavior during/after the shopping process. Listen to what your customers are doing on your site to help drive recommendations or post-purchase remarketing opportunities.
  4. Make your data actionable. It’s been shown that almost half of all people will completely abandon a brand’s communications after only two un-personalized attempts.

The session concluded with presentations by Larry Drebes, CEO and CTO of Janrain and Lee Hammond, VP of Consumer Marketing Technology at Interscope Records, who discussed the importance of integrating social media data into a personalization strategy. With the use of Janrain’s ExactTarget integration, Interscope Records was able to learn more about their subscribers than ever before including artist preferences and listening habits – leading to better, more sophisticated segmentation strategies.  This real-world example is a testament to how important it is to capture data and leverage it to create personalized conversations with customers.

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