5 Reasons Email Must Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Email has been a tried-and-true marketing approach for years and there’s a reason for that: it continues to be a marketing workhorse. Despite the increase in channels such as social media, email continues to be the most popular online activity, according to Pew Internet Research.

Here are five key reasons email marketing must be part of your marketing strategy.

1. Mobile is driving more email opens
As the mobile revolution booms, so does email. 64% of key decisions makers check their email on their phones and mobile email opens are on pace to surpass computers by the end of 2013. Marketers not only need to continue their email marketing efforts, they must ensure their campaigns are mobile friendly from start to finish.

2. The multi-channel consumer uses email
With email staying put, think about how it integrates with all the other channels consumers are using. Someone who is subscribed to your email newsletter should have the same experience as liking your Facebook Page, visiting your trade show booth and calling your customer service center.

In addition, tie your email and social efforts together. Emails that include social sharing buttons have a 158% higher click-through rate, according to GetResponse.

3. Email is direct and long-lasting
Facebook posts have a lifespan of three hours and Tweets are even shorter. Email is the only marketing channel that allows you to actively go out and tap a consumer on the shoulder. No other marketing channel functions like email, for instance, just because you publish something on your Facebook Page doesn’t mean that everyone is going to see it. You can adequately track email to know who sees it and the steps they take from there.

4. Email has targeted, mass appeal
In the world of push methods, email is on top. From a scaling perspective, other tactics such as text messaging don’t reach the masses as well. In terms of targeting, email enables you to segment your data and gain granular control of list segmentation, profile management, delivery status and more.

5. Email has the highest ROI per dollar spent
Experian pegged email, on average, at $44.25 per dollar invested. Email has a lot of diagnostic metrics including open rates, click-through rates, forwards, social shares, etc. Determine your metrics and align them with your business goals to track true ROI. Tour.png
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