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#ETCafe Twitter Chat Preview: Managing Email Marketing Hierarchy


The ExactTarget team invites you to participate in our #ETCafe Twitter chat every Thursday from 11am-12pm ET, where we discuss emerging topics and trends from across the interactive marketing world. The virtual coffee chat is hosted directly on Twitter, hosted by @ExactTarget
This Thursday, we're hosting the team from Smarter Remarketer (@SmarterHQ) for a discussion on managing email campaign hierarchy. Smarter Remarketer powers marketing automation and analysis for top online marketers with data-driven campaign management applications that allow marketers to remarket website visitors through personalized messaging. Smarter Remarketer is an ExactTarget partner and their savvy crew has extensive ExactTarget experience.
This week's conversation is about how interactive marketers prioritize and plan campaigns to avoid saturation and maintain healthy response and engagement with their subscribers.
Here's a preview of the questions we'll discuss this week:
  1. How much is too much? What’s the ideal frequency of emails for your subscribers?
  2. Do you have any behavior-triggered campaigns? How are they working for you?
  3. How does behavioral data play into your email schedule/frequency? 
  4. How do you avoid email saturation within and across lists? 
  5. Do you determine which emails and email address lists get priority?
  6. Which tools do you use to help with your campaign planning (automation, organization, etc.)?
  7. What goals or results are expected when you can avoid email saturation?
Please join us this Thursday for an exciting discussion with dynamic interactive marketing professionals! Follow the #ETCafe hashtag in your favorite Twitter application and be sure and add the hashtag to your tweet to participate. We'll give away to two prize packs for the best tweets, including a Starbucks gift card and a copy of Unabandoned: Tales from a Smarter Remarketer by Angel Morales, cofounder of Smarter Remarketer. Tour.png
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