Your Facebook Advertising Checklist

When creating your first Facebook advertisement, you may find yourself completely overwhelmed -- especially if you've spent a significant portion of your career in the world of traditional advertising. But take a deep breath: not only is that a totally normal reaction, but you can quickly educate yourself in order to run effective and successful Facebook advertising campaigns.

First, take a look at this post for 10 Social Media Advertising Best Practices. Then use this checklist to help guide you through the process of creating a Facebook advertising campaign. 

Your Facebook Advertising Checklist

 Establish your Facebook advertising campaign goals.
 Set both a daily and lifetime budget.
 Determine which Facebook ad type best serves your needs.
 Upload your creative - either create new copy and imagery or use existing posts from your Facebook page.
 Determine your targeting methods such as location, demographics, interests, connections, and actions.
 Decide which metrics are most important.
 Select your minimum and maximum bids.
 Schedule your ad to run when it will perform best, and adjust your schedule as you receive data.
 Create regular review sessions to view campaign performance.
 Adjust your ads throughout the lifetime of the campaign to maximize impact.

What other advice would you share with marketers just getting started with Facebook advertising? Add your thoughts in the comments below! Tour.png
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