Final Results from the 2014 Social Super Bowl

The Seattle Seahawks may have won Super Bowl XLVIII in convincing fashion, but who were the winners of the 2014 Social Super Bowl? We tracked all the social media buzz surrounding the Super Bowl using our social analytics application, Radian6, including total conversations, most mentioned brands, top hashtags, and more.

We've compiled our findings in the presentation below, but here are a few of our favorite items from the highlight reel:

  • While the Seahawks ruled the scoreboard, the Broncos fared better in the Twittersphere with 6,384,933 total mentions (vs 4,563,177 for Seattle).
  • Budweiser was the most discussed brand during the game with 192,527 mentions, but JC Penney made a surprise appearance in the #2 slot with 120,334 mentions -- without even putting a commercial on TV.
  • #Superbowl was (not surprisingly) the most used hashtag with 2,324,190 mentions. Among brands, #EsuranceSave30 and #BestBuds (Budweiser) were #1 and #2, respectively.
  • During the halftime show, Bruno Mars' fan base propelled him past the Red Hot Chili Peppers with more than four times the number of social mentions (2,889,408 vs 706,198).
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