Free Presentation: How to Sell Social Listening to Your Boss

"No one mentions our company on social media so we don't need to listen."

These are the conversations you overhear the office hallways. They may even be coming from your manager's mouth. Your challenge is to demonstrate that social media is a no-brainer. Here are some common arguments against social media and how your can respond.

"I can't afford a new employee to handle social media activity."
Social listening and awareness is a distributed activity. By using tools such as alerts and executive reports in Salesforce Radian6, specific issues and topics are distributed to the right employee at the right time. Social media is a shared responsibility across existing employees and teams.

"We have an agency that handles social media."
Your agency can use social listening for specific events and campaigns while you monitor the day-to-day activity around your brand. This brings the voice of the customer closer to every one of your employees. Working closely with your agency will drive a greater effectiveness and understanding of your social data.

"We are a B2B company. There's no value in listening for us."
With social listening, you'll understand the market's perception of your brand, your products and competitors. You'll spot service cases, sales leads, industry trends, and product feedback that may otherwise be missed. Social media is critical for B2Bs.

Read more about how to respond to any social listening skepticism in this free presentation below. Tour.png
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