Christopher S. Penn on the Future of Email Marketing

How will companies like use email in the future?

In the rapidly-changing world of marketing, in which the relationship between brands and consumers has evolved considerably over the last decade, email marketing has remained a steady connection between the two groups. But what is in store for the future of email marketing, and how will technology shape that future?

In the last part of our conversation with Christopher S. Penn, author of Marketing White Belt and Vice President of Marketing Technology at SHIFT Communications, we discussed the future of email marketing and whether email and email marketing is going away.

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What does the future of email marketing look like?

  • The world of the standalone email service provider that just sends email is going away; it's going to get wrapped into marketing automation platforms
  • Right now you can get by with having a vendor for email, a vendor for marketing automation, a vendor for social, etc. But at a certain point, you're going to want to have more stuff under one roof
  • A lot of different companies in that space have evolved that way

Is email marketing going away?

  • Email is never going to go away because it's based on a set of open protocols. Unlike social media, where if Twitter or Facebook the companies go away, the social network goes away, email is not going anywhere. 
  • The email service provider space may be consolidating, but the mechanisms themselves and the inbox on your desktop is not going anywhere anytime soon.
  • What marketers need to think about is how do they integrate all of their stuff together, so that someone who is subscribed to the email newsletter has the same experience as someone who likes the Facebook Page, who has the same experience as someone who shows up at the trade show booth, who has the same experience as someone who calls customer service.
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