How to Gauge the Health of Your Brand in Social Media

How do you gauge the health of your brand in social media? To best answer that question, it is important to work through the following five steps:

1. Determine goals
When it comes to gauging the social health of your brand an important first step is to set short-term and long term goals. These won’t be the same for everyone and it’s important to determine what’s important to your brand. Ensure that your social media goals align with your business goals.

2. Set a benchmark
What will you use to compare your brand against? Is there someone out there you think is doing it right? Does it make more sense to set a benchmark of where you are today? Take the time to ask these questions and understand the metrics that you want to measure yourself against.

3. Measure what matters
Don’t get caught up in what everyone else is measuring. Focus on metrics that indicate whether you are reaching your business goals. Fancy pie charts and graphs that don’t demonstrate how you are moving the mark are a waste of time.

Metrics to Consider: Volume, Sentiment, your mentions compared to your competitors, sales leads, point of need outreach, support issues resolved, engagement levels

4. Report on results
Once you have started to measure, report on the results so that your team and company are aware. During a Twitter chat earlier this year, Lauren Vargas brought up a great recommendation of aligning the release of your reports with other business reports.

5. Start over
Continually review your goals and determine whether they are still relevant. Try not to adjust your benchmark unless it is no longer relevant for your new goals. Measure consistently and report often. Remember the goal in social media isn’t (usually) to be popular -- your success will be dependent on whether or not you are achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Tour.png
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