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Want to get beer lovers excited? Serve them a creative, satisfying brew that's unique and refreshing. Want to get your customers excited? Give them content marketing that's creative, satisfying, unique, and refreshingly different from any other content in your industry.

Sound familiar? Good beer and great content actually have a lot in common. They're both fresh, fun to share, and leave people smiling. So in the spirit of summer shandies and cooling kölsch, we partnered with Kapost to create this infographic for content marketers, inspired by beer.

A few examples of the content styles the infographic explores:

  • Lager: Light and easy to consume, lager-like content appeals to a broad audience. Think top-of-the-funnel assets like blog posts and website copy.
  • IPA: India Pale Ale-style content is daring and flavorful. It might be an edgier blog post, interactive quiz, or eye-catching design. Your biggest fans will drink it up.
  • Porter: Just like a porter, this content is rich and satisfying. Beautiful visuals realized through infographics or SlideShares could fall in this category.
  • Stout: When your audience is ready for something hearty and robust, they'll turn to a stout. Give them e-books and whitepapers with ample detail and actionable advice.

Just as a delicious beer is the result of a dedicated brewing team's hard work, so is your content marketing! All that behind-the-scenes effort will be worth it when you share your crisp, rewarding content with thirsty readers.

How do you brew the best content and become a master content brewer? Follow these steps.

Don't forget to reward yourself with a cold one after your work is done. Cheers!

Brewing Up the Best Content

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