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How to Better Explain Your Business

A good explanation is one of biggest aspects of marketing and selling your company and its products or services. Having an incredible explanation to make your ideas, products, and services easier to understand for prospects and customers, and can mean the difference between having someone stop and talk with you at a booth, spend more time on your website, call one of your salespeople back, or pay to use your company's services.

In a Salesforce Marketing Cloud webinar taking place Thursday, August 29 at 2 pm ET, Lee LeFever, author of the book The Art of Explanation, will help you take a fresh look at what makes explanations work, how to plan an explanation, and use media to make your explanations remarkable.


Here are just three ways to use social media to better explain your business.

1. Take your message to the people
The benefit of a 1:1 marketing approach, which stems from transforming into a customer company, is the ability to present your explanation to customers and prospects where they are already spending time and at the times they are there. This is not a new concept as it relates to social media, but it is an important one; instead of relying on one-to-many marketing methods, large event marketing, and cold calling (all of which are still used and can still be effective), you now have the ability to take your incredible explanation directly to people in ways that reach them on a more personal level than ever before.

2. Create supporting content
Having an incredible elevator pitch and a way to engage a person in conversation about your business is great, but it's not enough. To better provide context around your products and services, and to better explain your business in total, you need to support your verbal explanations with great content. This can mean any number of things: great sales material, a helpful blog, long-form ebooks and white papers, astounding videos, or any other number of things. The more content you can point customers and prospects toward in an effort to aid your explanation, the more helpful you will ultimately make yourself in supporting your business.

3. Present in an interesting way
In his book, LeFever lists 10 points to keep in mind when presenting an explanation:

  • State your intentions
  • Solve a problem
  • Keep it short
  • Reduce noise
  • Use visuals
  • Embrace imperfection
  • Slow down
  • Be timeless
  • Be accessible
  • Have fun!

To learn more about how to master your explanation, and better understand the importance of that explanation, register for our free webinar with Lee LeFever below!



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