How to Write a Social Media Friendly Press Release

Social media often joins the camp of public relations and communications and it makes sense: the always-on personal reach of social media and public relations go hand-in-hand.

When it comes time to submit your press releases to the media, social media can help. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect press release using social media.

  • Have a social media-friendly logo. Make sure the logo can work in multiple sizes so no matter how the media uses it, it is clear and legible.
  • Social sites in your media contact block. It's where the media looks for your contact info, so include at least your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Include links in every paragraph. Link back to your landing page or relevant campaign content so even if your press release gets edited for space, your readers will have the information they need. Plus your SEO and inbound marketing remains strong.
  • Use multimedia. Video, Slideshare links, Pinterest boards - whatever you can conjure up to grab attention and deliver your message.
  • Create small chunks of succinct details so that it can translate well to social. This makes it easy if the media wants to tweet information about you.
  • Keep it quick, easy, and creative. It's more likely to be picked up, shared and retweeted that way.
  • The title of the press release should act like a news headline. That means it should be eye-catching, set up your news story, and drive the reader to action.
  • To increase the chances of media and bloggers finding your information, use your SEO keyphrases throughout your press release, including the headline.
  • Tell a clear story in each and every paragraph you write.
  • Use that closing paragraph to make a last chance pitch and reiterate the points.
  • Keep your audience groups top of mind. A social media press release targets three different groups: media, bloggers and consumers. It needs to appeal to all of them.
  • Be interactive. Use the capability of sites like PitchEngine or PRWeb to embed video, upload photo galleries, and make your press release visually compelling.
  • A template approach. Create a template you can reuse for each new press release. This will make writing them much faster.

If you work in PR and have anything to add, feel free to share your ideas here.
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