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The Importance of Video In Marketing Your Brand

The importance of video in marketing is rarely understated. Yet matching the importance and power of video with the execution of video content is difficult to achieve. A combination of production, storytelling, distribution, and timing all play a part in a video receiving dozens or thousands of views.

Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary, an animal rescue and rehabilitation farm in Australia, regularly uses video to help tell its story. The company (also a Salesforce customer)  recently submitted a video entry to the "Send Me to Dreamforce" contest, and was awarded $5,000 and two free passes to Dreamforce 2013 for its entry. Check out their video entry below:

We recently spoke with Kyle Behrend, the star of the video above (along with the animals, of course), and asked him how brands can use video effectively in their marketing efforts (even if they don't have cute farm animals to show off). Here's what he had to say:

"We always want to make people smile and feel good, no matter what it's about. Our slogan is, 'Our mission is kindness.' Everywhere we go, we have the opportunity to be kind, no matter where it is or what we're doing. To make people smile is such a simple thing but such a powerful thing, and even a little video that can make people smile across the world is really touching. That's what we tried to capture, and hopefully it worked."

What advice would you give to brands based on your own experience creating video?
"Especially in today's age, there are just so many videos. I saw [recently] it was YouTube's eight birthday. In only eight years, how many billions of videos are there? It's insane. But you really want something to be unique. That's what really captures people these days, is the uniqueness of it."

"We strive to be so perfect in this society. Everything's about perfect looks and perfect jobs and perfect money and perfect love, and I think we often forget that we don't have to be perfect. No one else is perfect; we can just do the best that we can, and I think it's great just to try to show people that it doesn't have to be the best-made video."

"You don't have to be a professional, especially now, when you have access to video cameras just on your phone. People make incredible videos on their phones. You just have to show, really, a part of who you are or the company that you work for, in a way that people can connect with it. I think that's the really important thing. You want people to connect with your video and your brand and your vision."

"I think we're really lucky that we have the animals -- that's what people always say. We have the animals, it's so easy for us to record people with the animals and we don't have to do much from there. If you don't have animals, though, it's a bit trickier. You'll have to do a lot more, but you can do it. It still can be done, to create the uniqueness and that special connection between the viewer and them, and to create emotion in the person."

"We always try to be very positive and happy and make people laugh and smile and I think that's really powerful. One of the most powerful emotions is happiness and joy, and to try to bring that to, definitely helps connect with the viewer." Tour.png
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