Apr 28, 2014
By Kyle Lacy
Email Marketing

Welcome to another edition of the Baer Facts. Today Jay and I are discussing two recent announcements from the powers over at Amazon.com. They recently announced two major advancements in the world of grocery and food delivery, Prime Pantry and Amazon Dash. Here is the breakdown of each. 

Amazon Prime Pantry - "Prime members can shop from more than 2,000 products to fill a four-cubic foot box with up to 45 pounds of goods. As items are ordered a virtual Prime Pantry box is filled to track available space. The package can then be shipped for $5.99 plus the cost of the items. While delivery time may vary, consumers can expect to receive their packages in 1 to 4 business days."

The Skinny on Amazon Dash - "Enter Amazon with their 'magic wand.' Boasting attributes including a sturdy design and easy wi-fi connection, this is a serious play for the online retailer, not only in the connected products market but also as a growing grocery and household supplier. While some organizations are bridging in-store and online experiences, this is a direct attempt to bridge online and in-home. The home has literally become a point in the supply chain."

Everything old is new again. Jay remembers when this concept was debuted when it was called Webvan. The company raised a couple of billion dollars in venture capital and they were going to turn the grocery business into hotel delivery. Remember pets.com? The sock puppet was going to turn pet supplies into a home delivery service. We all know what happened there. 

Fast forward 15 years? It looks like people are more willing to accept the idea that brands can deliver home goods from the Interwebz to their homes. However, the Amazon Dash is a little different.

Amazon already has a really good mobile app. It allows you to scan UPC codes and you can also take a picture of a product. It is interesting that they are moving away from an integrated app environment to a single piece of technology. The idea is extremely appealing... not necessarily universally used.

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