How to Create a Campaign with Marketing Automation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Taking your first spin at marketing automation can make you feel like a kid on your first trip to a mega amusement park like Six Flags or Disney Land. There's so much to do, so much to see, so many new and awesome features to try — you just don't know where to begin!

Marketing automation offers so many tools, so many capabilities, and so much information that you may end up feeling scared that you'll miss something.

To ease your anxiety and provide a map to the marketing automation amusement park, we've created a series of  helpful "How Marketing Automation Works" diagrams over the next few weeks, starting with campaign creation.

While automation often gets top billing for individual features like lead qualification and lead nurturing, automation rivals any marketing software with its ability to create integrated marketing campaigns from one central hub. From creating your own landing pages and forms, to promoting with social media and email campaigns, automation is capable of delivering and tracking marketing campaigns of all sizes and complexities. Check out the graphic below to see what the process is like.


Learn more about marketing automation with this free ebook at the link below.

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