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Marketing Beyond the Marketing Department

As a marketer, you are probably challenged not only by planning, building, and tracking campaigns, but also by executing your vision and strategy — all while maintaining brand standards and consistency across every aspect of engagement with your brand’s customers. 

Along with that strong brand image, you want to follow compliance and best-practice guidelines when it comes to email. Respecting customer preferences and having approved content, including headers and footers with subscriber opt-out options, is important, too. Maintaining these standards, which ensures good deliverability, is a top priority of marketers.

But no matter how hard you’ve labored over the intricate details of your campaign, you may find that most communication with customers actually comes from a local representative. And many times local representatives have little or no access to the tools from corporate marketing. Yet if they don’t have the resources, they develop their own ways to connect with their customers. 

We’ve all been there. We’ve all known the trauma of seeing an email — sent from a sales rep, a service rep, a franchisee — that is off-brand, poorly written, not personalized, and, well, just bad.

The struggle is real.

In the past, marketing has not had visibility into local campaigns or messages sent from other departments. Marketing teams have lacked control over brand assets and messaging. The reality is that, in many cases, the customer relationship resides with a local representative. Given this, how can marketers maintain a consistent customer experience across digital touchpoints, no matter who is sending the message? The answer: Marketing Cloud Connect.

Marketing Cloud Connect adds Marketing Cloud email capabilities natively inside Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

Thousands of brands can deliver consistent customer experiences, by combining the power of Marketing Cloud digital marketing, with the world’s #1 CRM solution. 

Corporate marketers can enable local reps to send on-brand email from the interface they use every day. Marketers can:

  • Send beautiful, on-brand emails to individual contacts, reports, or campaigns without any sending limits — in the interface they use every day
  • Deploy advanced email campaigns, across regions and business units
  • View email performance metrics directly in Sales Cloud or Service Cloud
  • View individual tracking engagement history directly in Sales Cloud or Service Cloud
  • Get a holistic view of the customer and all the campaigns they are a part of

The direct connection to the platform also gives Marketing Cloud users access to Salesforce reports or campaigns — and data from any standard or custom object. So marketers in Marketing Cloud can use any information in CRM to further enrich their customer data (such as point-of-sale information) for even more advanced segmentation and personalization.

See How It Works

Connecting Marketing, Sales, and Service:

Customer Success Is a Team Sport

Ultimately everyone in your business is working toward the same goals: increasing revenue and promoting customer satisfaction.

Using Marketing Cloud along with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, marketing can empower local representatives to use corporate-branded messaging and allow field representatives to deliver it when and how it is needed. The ideal solution is to strike a balance between localizing the brand and maintaining consistency. This helps to preserve the overall customer experience and provide a unified front to the customer. 

It also makes the entire organization more efficient: marketing teams maintain control over brand assets and campaign content; sales teams spend their time closing deals, instead of planning and sending customer communications; service teams spend time resolving issues, instead of trying to sell the next best product.

From SMB to the global enterprise, Marketing Cloud Connect supports the simplest to the most complex use cases, giving you the flexibility to scale based on your needs — and the power for even the smallest organization to be a marketing Trailblazer.



Whether building basic promotional campaigns or devising a sophisticated cross-channel marketing strategy, customers depend on Marketing Cloud email deliverability — getting in the inbox and scaling. From sending millions of emails in a few minutes to adding new customer communication channels to your strategy, you’ll never outgrow Marketing Cloud.