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Meet Spark: Inspiration + Information

Digital marketing is a world in which no two days are alike. Leaders emerge, trends evolve, and technology changes by what feels like the hour.  And, as digital marketers ourselves, we know it can be hard to keep up-to-speed with everything happening in the industry, let alone the innovative digital programs other brands are running. That’s where we come in. At ExactTarget, we’re driven to provide our subscribers with best-in-class everything, including publications.

Say hello to Spark. Spark is a weekly digest of all the need-to-knows; a publication that moves to inspire you with things like best practices, industry trends and strategies across channels, the latest standouts in design, and much more. It’s about igniting your digital marketing.

We want you to feel energized, innovative, and ready to take on the digital marketing world after reading Spark. Chock full of quick-tip videos and easy-to-digest content, it’s a fresh take on the world we live in.

Meet Spark


We want to hear your thoughts on this new approach! Post a comment below, or tweet at us using #ETSpark. Want to subscribe? Text SPARK and your email address to 56237. Tour.png
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