New Pinterest Messaging Feature Gives Pinners a Chance to Collaborate

Pinterest launched their new messaging feature last week, taking the experience of sharing pins to the next level. Pinners now have the ability to send pins and messages back and forth with friends. Last year, they launched their Send a Pin feature, but the experience was limited. Users would simply receive a notification that their friend had sent them a pin—and the interaction ended there.

Now, Pinterest users can have conversations around pins, and can even have a group chat with up to 10 people. Whether you want to collaborate on a design project, or just send a friend the latest Grumpy Cat meme, this new feature is a big win for Pinterest. 

Probably the most the surprising thing about the new messaging feature is that Pinterest built the entire product in about three months. After the prototype was given the green light by executives, Pinterest fast-tracked the development and had "Power Pinners” test it out before the full launch. Although the functionality is similar to Facebook Messenger, Pinterest doesn't intend for the new feature to be a replacement for other messaging apps—it's only meant to enhance the user experience. Michael Yamartino, Product Manager at Pinterest, said, "We’re not a communications service...We’re not trying to be the place to say ‘What’s up?’ or ‘When are you coming home?'”

The pinspiration behind the new feature was to take what is already a social sharing site, and make it even more interactive and social. Yamartino told TechCrunch, “We think that a lot of the projects people take on… they do this with a friend or partner... Being able to have that conversation on Pinterest is convenient for them.” Even before the messaging feature was rolled out, more than 2 million pins were being sent daily. The ability for users to actually respond to pins they receive and have conversations around them will surely increase that number.

The messaging feature can potentially create opportunities for brands as well, giving them the ability to interact directly with followers. If a user follows a certain brand on Pinterest, and the brand follows them back, they can ultimately send direct messages back and forth. If done appropriately, it gives brands the opportunity to make relevant 1:1 connections with their customers.

Personally, I am already loving Pinterest's new messenger—even if it is just to collaborate with my husband on homemade donuts.

Image Sources: Pinterest
  • Sylviasdisqus

    This sounds good to me. I learned of it on twitter. As an artist, creative, it will be useful.

    • Nicole Klemp

      Absolutely, it will be a great tool for creatives. Thanks for your comment!