News on How to Integrate Salesforce with Your Social Media Data

We’re making it easier than ever to integrate your organization’s social activities with your business systems. You’ll now be able to push posts into Salesforce, creating cases and contacts from social posts with the simple click of a button. We've added this functionality to the Engagement Console as well as our mobile app so you can take care of urgent posts even when you're on the go.  The mobile app is able to identify your device and automatically tailor the user experience for it, whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad or the new iPad mini.

What is Salesforce Integration and how can I use it?
With Salesforce Integration, you can put posts into Salesforce from the Engagement Console as well as from the mobile apps.  You’ll need to open the Engagement Console’s Extension Gallery (requires the AppExchange package) to find the add-in extension.

Customers can now easily create cases and contacts from those important social posts and manage them all within the organization.



The original post, source tag, and post tag data are all included in the case/contact and any updates made in the Engagement Console or mobile app can now be fed directly into to be automatically updated there as well.

Keep in mind that you can only send posts to one Salesforce org. at the moment. Multi-org support will be coming in a future release, so stay tuned!

If you'd like to set up rules so all of the above is done automatically, check out The Social Hub, which enables posts to automatically be sent into Salesforce based on the rules you’ve set up.

How does Salesforce Integration work for Mobile?
Using your iPhone and now iPad or iPad Mini, you'll keep up with what’s happening around your brand and engage with customers faster than before.  You can also send those important posts directly into Salesforce, creating cases and contacts for quick assignment to other teams in your organization.

Here are the benefits:

  • Engage on the go with detailed workflow options - check the author’s profile, add tags, make notes, note an urgency level, assign to a team member, and more!
  • Send posts into Salesforce with the click of the “create case” or “create contact” buttons. The buttons change to “view case” and “view contact” so you can access the data. Any updates made to the post will also be sent automatically to Salesforce so your data is always up to date.
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your brand by reviewing the Summary Stack for a high level look at what’s happening. See each post in the River of News view.
  • Easy-to-use tap, swipe, and more features you’re familiar with on the iPad app.

Here’s what our Product team has to say about these terrific enhancements to the Marketing Cloud mobile experience:

“We’ve redesigned our app to tailor it for the tablet experience.  We’ve brought desktop-level engagement capability built into a simple to use touch screen UI.  Our customers are now able to do more, anywhere they can access the internet. Our customers are now using the app on the iPad twice as long as on the iPhone."   – Ajay Shroff, Product Manager

“The intuitive interface for the iPad is based on simple gestures that allow users to scroll, browse and engage with their posts. The app provides a clear view of 3 stacks at a time, and with one touch on a post, a workflow task window slides out that allows users to quickly tag, assign or respond.”  – Bob Beaton, Senior UX Designer

Don’t take our word for it, however, here’s what one of our top clients had to say about the iPad app.

“The iPad app is like having a high level snapshot about my brand that I can carry with me in a handbag. The functionality of scrolling through posts has a super fast refresh rate, along with the capability to drill down into conversations surrounding my topic profiles. Users can definitely benefit from having this tool of convenience at their disposal.”  - Katie Holland, Social Media Supervisor, Customer Experience & Insights – McDonalds

To download the app for your iPhone or iPad, go to the iTunes App Store where it’s listed under Radian6 Mobile.  Ask for more information on getting Salesforce Integration by contacting your Account Executive or Marketing Cloud Support for more details. Tour.png
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