Could Your Brand Use Snapchat for Social Media Marketing?

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Popular mobile app Snapchat, which allows users to send pictures or video for up to 10 seconds before the file is deleted from the app, is being utilized by brands for social media marketing.

TechCrunch recently reported that Taco Bell has been asking its Twitter followers to add the brand on Snapchat, and that Taco Bell has begun sending Snapchats to advertise some of its products.

Taco Bell is not the first brand to use Snapchat for marketing purposes. Mashable reported back in January that frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles used Snapchat as a way to give customers a coupon. If a customer snapped a picture eating 16 Handles and sent it to the company account, 16 Handles would reply with a picture of a coupon that the cashier could scan upon opening.

Snapchat offers a new way to interact in a personal way with consumers. And because consumers need to opt-in by accepting the brand on the app, users are giving permission for the brand to send along Snapchats (without abusing the privilege, of course). One of the benefits to marketing on social media is to spend time where people are already hanging out. Snapchat is certainly one of those places, processing 150 million images per day.

Here are some other ideas for your brand to utilize the popularity of Snapchat:

  • Present a sneak peak of a product. Make your community feel special by sharing something unique and behind the scenes. Be aware that people can still take a screenshot, even though it's not encouraged by the app.
  • Send a coupon: Because the image is going directly to a user, you can provide customized coupons while limiting the overall reach. If someone has to show the coupon directly within Snapchat, they won't be able to pass it to others.
  •  Behind-the-scenes look at a company event: While an event is going on, you can Tweet or Facebook pictures, of course. But why not break your Snapchat friends into different groups and send different types of images based on those groups?
  • Introducing new team members: A quick look at an important new hire is a great way to announce someone joining the company. 
  • Targeted Vine-style videos: Many brands have used Vine for marketing purposes. Snapchat offers a similar functionality, with the catch that the video disappears. But by grouping users together, you can send more targeted video content through Snapchat than wide-scale blasting of Vine videos.

Have you seen any other brands using Snapchat effectively? Let us know in the comments!

[Image: TechCrunch]
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