JUST EAT: Using Social Content to Deliver a Stellar Anti-Cooking Marketing Campaign

JUST EAT is the world’s leading online takeout ordering service, operating in 13 countries around the globe. They are pioneers in their sector, establishing an online marketplace for ordering takeout online -- seamlessly connecting over 36,000 local independent restaurants with more than five million hungry local consumers.

Mr. MozzarellaAs part of their brand repositioning in Fall 2012, the company introduced audiences to a band of rebel takeaway chefs, led by the impressively mustachioed Mr Mozzarella (AKA, Mr Mozz), who’ll stop at nothing to prevent amateur chefs from cooking at home. Positioning themselves as the “anti-cooking rebels,” JUST EAT seeks to change the way people look at take out, helping hard-working consumers reject the convention of having to whip up cordon bleu meals at home (thanks to nagging TV chefs) and giving a voice to millions who want to cry with anguish every time they step in the kitchen (or simply want a night off).

This brilliant anti-cooking marketing approach gave JUST EAT lots of opportunity to create fun, engaging social media content to amplify their "Don’t Cook" message and to reflect their cheeky, irreverent, and rebellious tone of voice.

Read more about how JUST EAT is making social content part of their marketing efforts in this new case study.
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