Jim Tobin on The Ins and Outs of the Social Media Agency

Agencies that specialize in social media have a far different scope when it comes to the work they do with clients, the process of recruiting talent, and the way they handle breaking news and product announcements in an environment that seems to change on a daily basis. It's a unique task to be a social media agency.

We recently reached out to Jim Tobin, President of Ignite Social Media, to discuss the types of campaigns that his agency most often finds itself working on with clients, the process of hiring talent to a social agency, and what happened the day after Instagram announced its new video feature.

You can read part 1 of the interview here and part 2 of the interview here.

Are there types of social campaigns that you work on most frequently?

  • There's community management, which we do for a lot of brands. How do you support Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? 
  • Wide-ranging promotions, which could be as simple as blogger outreach, writing blogs, holding simple promotions, holding sophisticated, long-term promotions
  • Metrics, monitoring, and analysis of it, which is a big part of it; there's so much data coming in from Facebook Insights alone. Different data from different sources that you're trying to put it together in a unique way
  • Falls into strategy, community, and metrics/analysis, as well as some media-buying

Is hiring for an agency specializing in social media easy or difficult?

  • Was really hard in 2007 and 2008 because nobody had social media on their resume and we were looking for social meida people, and it was a relatively small universe back then
  • It's changed so dramatically, and so many people now know social media from a personal standpoint, and they get the general concepts of social media marketing better than they did
  • Now we need copywriters and web developers and analysts, and these are fairly typical roles for agencies that we apply in a slightly different way
  • Community manager is a little different, but a lot of people with PR and marketing backgrounds can do very well in this role
  • Because social media marketing is considered more progressive than a lot of forms of marketing, some people really are excited about coming to work for us because they feel like they get to work on interesting stuff

How many clients asked to use Instagram video the day after it was announced?

  • Clients know when news is breaking that we're thinking about them
  • For some clients, since we run their social accounts, we were posting Instagram video for our clients within an hour of the update
  • In a perfect world, people don't call us and ask, we call them and say "hey, we're getting our first one out, here's what it looks like, and let's go." Tour.png
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