5 Social Media Strategies to Connect with Customers

Social media has enabled our customers, prospects, and employees to be connected 24/7, regardless of where they are. Customers expect businesses to listen and respond when they have questions, not when it is convenient. 

Here are five strategic ways to leverage social media to connect with your customers.

  1. Listen first. Like any relationship, people want to be heard. Be available and pay attention in the channels preferred by your customers.  This goes a long way in building trust.
  2. Create communities. Great companies create communities where employees, customers, partners, and products can connect. Making introductions and connecting people who can provide solutions means saving time and money for all parties.  
  3. Provide insight and knowledge. Customer companies not only have the tools, but make the effort to know who you are regardless of how you connect.
  4. Create continued value through content. Customers, stakeholders, partners, and prospects want and need valuable content. Good content will help them carry out their business functions more effectively and efficiently. By listening first, creating communities, and having insight and knowledge of your community, you will know what content will resonate with your customers. Make it easily available in the format they want, whether that's an ebook, blog post, video, or case study.
  5. Understand the power of choice. Customers have expectations. They have choices if their expectations are not met. Understanding that they have both a voice and the power of choice is one more critical point in connecting with customers. You need to earn their trust. 

To learn more about connecting with customers, hear Marc Benioff as he discusses becoming a customer company.
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