3 Teams Social Media Listening Can Help in Your Company

We talk regularly about the impacts of social media listening on your business; benefits are often realized in shaping marketing campaigns, improving customer service, and producing relevant content. But an under-examined topic is how social listening can actually help teams within your company perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

social media listening chuck hemannIn a Salesforce Marketing Cloud webinar Thursday, June 20 at 2 p.m. ET titled "Turning Social Media Listening into an Organizational Advantage," Chuck Hemann, Director of Analytics at WCG, will discuss how social listening can add value to your entire organization.

In anticipation of the webinar, here are three teams in your organization that social media listening can aid.

Social media listening can impact sales in a few ways. Some of the biggest benefits are:

  • Tweaking your sales pitch based on what people are saying about your company on social networks
  • Better understanding your prospects based on the content they consume and share on social networks
  • Learning what customers say about your company to craft renewal and up-selling opportunities

Your product team can learn a great deal using social media listening, such as:

  • How people are talking about your product on social media
  • The use cases of your product
  • Some of the biggest pain points of your product and any regular complaints that surface
  • Ideas for making your product better

Executive team
Your executive team can gather some high-level information using social media, such as:

  • What industry influencers are saying about your company on social media
  • Share of voice for your company compared to the competition
  • Information on how other executives are running their businesses and how they can better operate as executives
  • What employees are saying about the quality of their work and careers

For more information on how social media listening can help your organization, click register for the webinar with Chuck Hemann!
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