15 Ways to Make Recruiting More Social

Since social media is just for 13 year olds, you shouldn’t use it for recruiting outside of the Girl Scouts -- right? Wrong! The fastest growing demographics on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are 45-64, and the average Facebook user is 42.

If your company is looking to hire, social media can help your organization find experienced, senior employees better than ever before. This is in addition to the entry-level, freshly-graduated applicants you may already expect from social.

As a former employee of an HR services company, and having been involved in social media for eight years, I’ve seen lots of opportunity for companies to improve recruiting efforts with social networks. Many recruiting platforms make it difficult to directly link to a job opening, but even if you have a direct link, how can you make the most of social media to fill your positions? Here’s how:

Recruiting software
1. Use a recruiting platform with unique URLs: Some job posting platforms housed on your website require searches based on Job IDs or keywords and are merely framed into your website, with the bulk of the action being controlled by the platform. The problem is that it’s difficult to share these openings directly. Other platforms offer unique URLs which are much easier to share.

2. Use a recruiting platform with integrated sharing buttons: Better than systems with unique URLs are those with sharing buttons integrated. That way, your employees, fans, followers, and others can easily share your job postings.

3. Find an HR platform that allows for referral tracking: Even better are platforms that allow unique tracking for referrers. This definitely comes in handy if you have any referral incentive programs, but also further motivates employees to share your postings.

4. Tweet your opening with the right hashtags: Use hashtags that people may use to search for your postings. Whether they’re position-based like #SalesJobs or locally-based like #HoustonJobs, hashtags can help the right folks find your openings.

5. Tweet your postings to local and regional job handles: If there are any local job handles, reach out to see if they will tweet your posting for you. They typically have followers looking for jobs and target your local area.

6. Tweet your postings to industry handles: See if there are any industry job handles. These can be general industry job boards, national, state, and local associations, such as the American Marketing Association, etc.

7. Get a Facebook Careers Page: If you’re a large enough company and have enough bandwidth to keep up a separate careers page, that’s a great way to spotlight the openings you have available.

8. Get a careers app: If you don’t have the resources to keep up a stand-alone careers page, you can add an app to your page that can help promote your postings. These might be prepackaged apps from your recruiting software, a third-party, or an iFrame that can insert a webpage into your Facebook page.

9. Find Industry groups: In addition to using your own properties to share your posting, find groups that may either allow you to post directly to their timeline, or allow submissions to share your information.

10. Post to LinkedIn Jobs: Everyone knows that LinkedIn offers their own listings, but how much do they run and what do you get? For a single, 30-day posting, expect to pay $295 (save 22% on 5 jobs, or 40% on 10 jobs). They guarantee 10 applicants and can collect and email application information to you, or direct applicants to apply on your own site.

11. Post to industry groups: If you don’t have the budget to post to LinkedIn jobs, share your openings in relevant industry groups. Check with the moderators to ensure your post won’t be marked as spam.

12. Post on your company page: Post your job opening on your company LinkedIn page. It may be obvious, but many companies forget. Your company page followers probably include people interested in working for you.

13. Record a YouTube video: If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth millions. Videos offer more personality than plain text descriptions, and if you can feature the hiring manager, applicants can get a feel for whether they may work well with them. Also, having a unique or interesting video can help spread your opening to more audiences, like this “Old-Spice Man” spoof video from CarFax.

14. Start a referral program: While not directly related to social media, a referral program can do wonders to help motivate your employees to share your openings. The Society for Human Resource Management indicates that about half of employers offer a referral program, and their programs account for an average of 25% of positions filled. Bonuses range from $250-$25000, but are most commonly $1000-$2500.

15. Share on Chatter or your intranet: In the internet age, a common method of filling positions is still word-of-mouth. If the majority of your employees may not see a post on your social media properties, let them know that you’re hiring for a position on your company intranet or Chatter platform.

What are some of the interesting ways you’ve seen job postings publicized?
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