How Volvo uses Social Media to Drive Customer Engagement

Volvo Social Media Case StudyThe Volvo community is made up of many brand enthusiasts who want to be heard, whether it be through polls, Q&A forums or sharing memories by posting on social media channels. The digital team at Volvo wanted to ensure their customers were able to interact with the brand they love and share that love across their own social channels as well. Armed with a plan to connect their web and social sites to boost engagement with fans and increase content sharing, the team at Volvo looked to Marketing Cloud to help connect the dots.

Volvo has achieved great success with social, whether it's connecting with their fans, sharing their content across multiple channels or responding to questions and concerns, they are able to easily manage their loyal community of  fans and followers. Sharing stories, photos, and tips has proven to be amongst this community of Volvo brand enthusiasts.

Learn more about how the team at Volvo is using social to drive (no pun intended) better engagement and give their brand a strong voice in our new social media case study. Tour.png
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