Mar 20, 2017
By Luke Ball
Social Media Marketing

Social Studio is the New Radian6

Six years ago this month, recognizing the value of connecting social media to CRM, Salesforce acquired the industry-leading startup Radian6. Its flagship product, the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard, was a category-defining social listening app, that allowed companies to understand what was being said about their brands, competitors, and industry across blogs, forums, social media, and more.

A lot has changed in that time (though the value of connecting social to CRM has not!).

Mission-critical social networks have come and gone (Vine, we hardly knew ye). The social vendor landscape has morphed, expanded, and contracted again.  Legislation and public opinion have shifted, and some networks' policies have shifted as a result.

Perhaps the most exciting shift, “social” as a channel and practice, has matured dramatically inside of companies. Once the exclusive realm of agencies, the social practice is increasingly being handled in-house. The “hub and spoke” model emerged, with social centers of excellence defining strategy, governance, and tool selection for a broader distributed social team that crossed regions, brands, functional roles, and more. Social data is beginning to flow through other business disciplines like customer service, digital marketing, sales lead generation, and commerce to name a few. 

When we built and launched Social Studio, we had all these seismic changes in mind. This was a new tool, built for the modern social team. Workspaces allow teams to scale elegantly. Integrations to other Salesforce tools (like Sales and Service Cloud) allows social data to connect to established x-channel workflows. And an easy-to-use interface that meant onboarding was a breeze for even a casual user.

Social Studio has been adding tons of great features, 5 releases each year, since launch. We added listening capabilities to Social Studio, and the innovative new workbenches interface.

Now it's time to get all of our users, old and new, onto this innovative new platform. For those still using previous generations of Radian6 apps, get excited for the change! We have lots to offer you in this new-and-improved tool.

The top seven reasons why Social Studio's Listening is just plain better:

There's lots to talk about for each of these. But the main point to glean is this: Social Studio is (already) materially better, and it's only going to keep getting better going forward.

A useful philosophy in product management (as in life) is: when you touch something, leave it a better than how you found it. Our great R&D teams have been living that principle with Social Studio, building on an already-powerful platform, and taking it to the next level. Social Studio now offers significantly more than the previous generation and even the familiar functionality should feel lighter, better, and more powerful. 

Customers who have made the move to Social Studio are seeing real results.

Activision sees the benefits, all the way down to their bottom line. “Social Studio enabled us to engage with our customers in a whole new way while unlocking deeper insights and dramatically lowering our operating costs,” says Actionvision's, Senior Manager of Digital and Social Media Support, Noel Feliciano.

Alex and Ani uses Social Studio to monitor the social web, engage with people around their brand, and publish content. According to Social Media Manager Jessica Latimer,  “Social Studio propelled the growth of our brand on social media.” 

All told, there is huge benefit to moving your team fully to Social Studio for social media analysis (in addition to publishing and engagement). And many more benefits to come. All your Topic Profiles will be automatically available in Social Studio, and you can start getting value right away.

Has it been a while since you tried out Social Studio for listening? It's time to look again and see what's new. A lot's changed in the last few releases!

Haven't tried Social Studio before? There's never been a better time! You can use your Radian6 credentials to log directly into and see for yourself.



Want to learn more about why Social Studio is a better fit for your team, and how to make the move? Register for our webinar, happening this week:

Upgrading from Radian6 to Social Studio: What, Why, & How

Session 1:
March 22, 11:00 a.m. EDT

Session 2:
March 22, 4:00 p.m. EDT


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