Twitter Lead Generation Card Now Integrates with Salesforce CRM

Less effort from prospects means more sales leads in your pipeline

Too often companies miss out on valuable sales leads because prospects don’t want to be bothered filling out an online form. In today’s fast-paced, digitally-connected world, people expect businesses to present products, services and special offers through engaging social content, and more importantly, make it simple for them to express interest in these offerings.

What is a Twitter Lead Generation Card?

The Twitter Lead Generation Card allows your online community to share their information with you—easily and securely, without ever having to leave Twitter. The Card is pre-filled with Twitter user contact information including:

  • Their name
  • Username
  • Email address associated with their Twitter account

Users browsing Twitter simply click on a button within an expanded Tweet to share all this with you.

twitter lead generation card

How Does a User Connect this Card to Salesforce CRM?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could send this information directly to Salesforce CRM, just like you would other lead capture methods? Now Salesforce customers can!

To get started, first create a Lead Generation Card within your Twitter Ads account. Then, complete these fields in the “Technical Settings” of your Card as follows:

twitter card 1

Submit URL = salesforce web2lead endpoint URL

Fallback URL =  standard URL like your homepage or a link to an existing, traditional lead form, for example. This redirects users who load these Cards on unsupported Twitter devices.

Privacy Policy URL = link to your privacy policy, usually from your website. Since Twitter will be sending users’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data, clients who do not have a valid privacy policy around how they will use Twitter users’ information cannot use this feature.

twitter card 2

Custom Hidden Data Values         

Key = OID

Value = Salesforce Organization ID#   This can be found in your Salesforce org under Setup>Administration Setup>Company Profile>Company Information (pictured below).

twitter card 3

How Can I Promote this Card using

When you create a Twitter Lead Generation Card, a link will appear in the Tweet:

twitter card 4

Simply copy this link and include it in a Tweet being run through the Ads API using to increase the reach of your social campaign.

Questions? Please contact your Salesforce representative, who can help your business make the most of this social lead generation tool. Tour.png
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