What it Means to Be Orange!

What is “Orange,” you ask?  It’s more than our culture—it’s our corporate way of life.  Built around relationships, Orange is how we interact with each other, our clients, and our community as a whole.  Orange is innovation, energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to client success at its finest.  It is a palpable passion for team, company, and client growth.  It is instilled in our impressive employee benefits that stretch beyond the status quo to things like pet insurance, adoption assistance, and much more. 

Being “Orange” means not only knowing our Core Values but embodying them every day:

  1. Treat People Well
  2. Be Easy to Do Business With
  3. Stay True to Permission
  4. Make Clients Look Like Heroes
  5. Empower Marketers Through Software
  6. Pursue Our Goals as a Team
  7. Make Decisions Like an Owner
  8. Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Being “Orange” means looking forward to work every morning.  It means learning more than you ever thought you could in an even shorter period of time.  Being “Orange” means taking part in employee-led committees like ExactFUN and ExactIMPACT because you love being around the people you work with – even after work.  It means delivering the best products and support to our clients because you want them to grow and succeed.  It means taking ownership of a project and making your own path.  Being “Orange” means constantly learning and growing from our amazing leadership team.  Being “Orange” means going to the extra mile not because you have to, but because you want to. 

How can you become “Orange?”  Apply today!

Eileen Toomey

Slingshot Intern, Human Resources Tour.png
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