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Game, Set, Match: Social Conversation around Wimbledon

When Andy Murray defeated Novak Djokovic in straight sets Sunday to claim the men's Wimbledon championship, he set off a wave of social media activity culminating an historic drought for the host country of tennis' tournament gem.

People flocked to social media to celebrate, express their admiration, and crack jokes in response to the thrilling end to two weeks of tennis, one filled with upsets and surprises from the moment the tournament started.

Wimbledon generated over 5 million posts throughout the course of the tournament, good for an average of 361,441 social mentions per day. Conversation peaked around the time Andy Murray ended Britain's 77-year Wimbledon winless streak, generating 515,845 posts for that hour.


Evian secured the most brand mentions during the tournament, thanks in large part to the launch of its new bottle design and the popularity of its Evian baby app campaign. IBM landed the second-most social mentions thanks to its sponsorship deal and affiliation with the British tennis team this year.


To nobody's surprise, Andy Murray was the most-mentioned player during Wimbledon, earning over 960,000 social media mentions during the tournament. To the victor go the spoils. Behind Murray was his finals opponent, Novak Djokovic. Interestingly, Serena Williams finished with more mentions than both finalists on the women's side.


You can view the full Wimbledon report in the Slideshare presentation below.

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