Salesforce Marketing CLoud Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy Inc. and its affiliates (“” or the “Company,”) are committed to responsible information-handling practices in relation to its Marketing Cloud business.

The following privacy statements describe the different types of personal information the Company handles relating to the Marketing Cloud Web sites and the Marketing Cloud Services and the Company’s privacy practices with respect to such personal information:

The Web Site Privacy Statement addresses the Company's handling of personal information collected from visitors to the Marketing Cloud Web sites and users of the Marketing Cloud Service.

The Indexed Content Privacy Statement addresses the Company’s handling of information, including personal information, obtained from the Internet through the Marketing Cloud Services.

Questions about the Company’s information-handling practices as they relate to the Marketing Cloud Web sites and Marketing Cloud Services should be directed to Privacy Office:

E-mail address:

Mail: The Landmark @ One Market Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94105.