Audience Builder

Manage all your contacts and build a single view of each individual, integrating data from any source. Use powerful segmented marketing for acquisition, onboarding, engagement, advocacy, and more.

Centralize your data.

Collect and store data from any source — like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud data, web analytics, and even offline data — in one place to create one single view of your customer.

Simplify segmentation.

Use drag-and-drop segmentation tools to create audiences. Send personalized messages based on purchase history, browsing activity, or customer attributes to precisely target audiences.

Discover new opportunities.

Spot trends and opportunities with powerful data processing and customizable data formatting. Analyze audiences with near real-time counts, and engage customers in the right moment.

Maximize ROI with Einstein.

Predict customer behavior in email or on the web. Use predictive scores to create smarter segments, and drive more targeted messages and content based on engagement.

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Discover ways to unify data and engage with your audience.

Get more powerful customer segmentation.

Know your audiences, and power cross-channel customer journeys based on data.

customer segmentation by salesforce

Contact Management

Manage, consolidate, organize, and link data to your contacts from any source — including e-commerce, ERP, CRM, point of sale, and others.

Multidimensional Segmentation

Use an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for sophisticated customer segmentation. Understand your customers better, and send more targeted messages.

Salesforce Data Sharing

Use CRM data to trigger journeys and personalize marketing. Synchronize contacts, leads, accounts, cases, or any custom object with data from Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.
segmented marketing for salesforce

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud we are able to scale at enormous volume. It's been a complete game-changer for Fanatics.”

Jonathan Wilbur | Director of CRM Operations and Technology, Fanatics

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